Chaya Leaf Powder 200 g

If you’d like to have more energy, a better memory, and even better skin !

  • Improved sugar metabolism
  • Improved fat metabolism, making it great for weight-loss and Diabetes, as well as related heart issues
  • Improved circulation also helping the Diabetics and weight-loss candidates including all your circulatory issues including eyesight and tingling hands and feet
  • Improved circulation always allows for better healthier skin, complexion, blood flow, brain health and overall health
  • Improved Liver functioning and Detox
  • Improved Cholesterol
  • More energy
  • Better memory
  • Assists with heart health
Protein 6.2 – 7.4 g 12-15% Protein builds muscles.
Calcium 200 – 330 mg 20-33% Calcium builds strong bones. Chaya has more calcium than any other vegetable.
Iron is good for healthy blood and more energy. Chaya has two times the iron as spinach.
Vitamin C 165 – 205 mg 275-342% Vitamin C builds strong bones, protects against infections and helps the body absorb iron.


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